CDCAT® - Transform your approach to Cyber Security


Powered by the Cyber Defence Capability Assessment Tool (CDCAT®)

Develop an assured approach to addressing your organization’s cyber security needs.

CDCAT® provides a comprehensive cyber security strategy and capability improvement service.

CDCAT® is underpinned by continually evolving scientific research, data and cutting-edge technology to support the ongoing transformation of your organization’s cyber security.

Ensure the safest possible future for your organization through assured evidence-based cyber security decision making.

  • Powered by cutting-edge technology

Assessments of your organization’s cyber defence capability are carried out by CDCAT® – a unique tool developed by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) for the Ministry of Defence (MOD) - which is now commercially available through APMG

  • Agility

Perform rapid assessments of your organization’s systems and controls to take fast remedial action

  • Expert consulting

Receive tailored expertize on your organization’s defences and cyber security spending

  • Complete scalability

Develop an assured strategy regardless of your organization’s size, systems, risk or any other context 

  • Keeping ahead of the threat

Cyber threats are continuously evolving – CDCAT®’s mitigations are continuously updated to evolve with them

  • Assured cyber security investment

Ensure your cyber security spend is based on real and comprehensive evidence

  • Continuous enhancements

Monitor the progress of your cyber defences and make repeated assessments to ensure optimal transformation of your organization’s cyber security

CDCAT® is the transformative solution for:

  • Cyber security Audits
  • Cyber security Risk Management and Risk Assessment
  • Financial Cost associated with Risk
  • Scoring Cyber Defence Effectiveness (absolute scale real-world evidence)
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Compliance and gap-analysis
  • Remediation plans and mitigations
  • Performance and metrics
  • Benchmarking


CDCAT® is a registered trade mark of The Secretary of State for Defence, Dstl

Dstl © Crown Copyright, 2017; Dstl © Crown Database Rights, 2017;  This work was sponsored by the MOD ISS NTA.


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Why choose apmg

  • APMG services focus on high-quality. 
  • APMG is accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).
  • APMG has heritage in the cyber security field.
  • APMG is the only certification body providing GCHQ Certified Training assessments.

Benefits of CDCAT® - Transform your approach to Cyber Security

  • CDCAT prepares your defences for emerging and evolving cyber-security threats. 
  • CDCAT provides succinct, detailed feedback on how to best proceed with optimising your organization's cyber defences.
  • CDCAT constitutes an essential part of your organization's cyber-security strategy. 
  • CDCAT provides cyber professionals with the means to build effective business cases for vital cyber-security updates. 
  • Your organization can use CDCAT's reports to demonstrate with objective proof, that it is addressing vulnerabilities and proactively reinforcing cyber-defence weak spots.