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We welcome organizations that are passionate about professional best practice within the cyber security industry to join our community of APMG-accredited organizations. Successfully completing our accreditation process enables you to deliver courses from our range of professional cyber-security certifications to display the APMG-Accredited badge - as official recognition of commitment to quality and best practice.  

APMG cyber security certifications are developed in partnership with industry leaders and UK Government bodies - such as the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl), CESG, Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and AXELOS to ensure APMG has the most complete, innovative portfolio of cyber-security certifications.

APMG's cyber security and resilience certifications and products encompass market leading and contemporary competency training, Information Assurance, Cloud Computing and cutting-edge cyber security assessment tools. APMG's products are aligned with the UK Government's vision and strategy to improve the competencies of professionals working within cyber security roles and ensuring organizations are protected and able to respond to threats that arise in the hostile cyber landscape.  

What Makes APMG-Accreditation Valuable? 

Becoming an APMG-accredited partner provides a host of benefits for organizations seeking international recognition for adhering to best practice. APMG is recognized around the world for accrediting training organizations to deliver high-quality courses and exams pertaining to its professional certification schemes.

APMG is accredited by the UK's single National Accreditation Body, The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) for several of its AXELOS products and Change Management certifications. Following UKAS' example of applying rigor and care to its accreditation processes, APMG is committed to ensuring its Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) gain the maximum benefits from its training accreditation services.  

Only APMG ATOs or their affiliates can deliver courses and exams in APMG's cyber certification schemes. Training providers that haven't been accredited by APMG cannot provide our cyber-certifications and any attempt to do so may be in breach of copyright law. Click here for further information on APMG's Accreditation Services

What are the Benefits of Receiving APMG-Accreditation? 

Training organizations typically seek accreditation to become one of our esteemed Accredited Training Organizations. Aside from being enabled to deliver training from APMG's portfolio of professional cyber security certifications, APMG-accreditation will bring several benefits to your training organization. APMG's comprehensive accreditation process assesses key areas of your organization - such as its training services, trainers, course materials and quality management system - ensuring your organization is operating optimally. 

APMG accreditation is an official recognition of competence and conforming to industry best practice. Candidates undergoing cyber-security training with your training organization will see the APMG-accredited badge and feel reassured that they're in expert hands. Regardless of where you are based in the world - you can be assured of globally consistent standards. Click here for further information on the benefits of APMG Training Accreditation.  

How do I Receive APMG-Accreditation? 

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